Backcountry Courses



Price: £185, 1:3 ratio

Day 1 - technique and tactics for steep and narrow terrain, decision making on steep ground & terrain choice.

Day 2 - exploratory day, looking for the best of the classic gully lines in the Cairngorms or Looking for the ‘best of the west’.

Dates: 16th/17th & 23rd/24th April


Bike & Ski Day Trip

Price: £75, 1:6 ratio

The ultimate multi discipline day and a true highland adventure! The route will involve a gentle climb on the bike carrying ski equipment, either attached to the bike on on your backpack. The cycle will be around 2hours.

Dates: 1st & 2nd May


The Ben Nevis Ski Experience

This is the classic end of season CIC Hut trip. Ben Nevis offers excellent spring skiing in a spectacular environment. 2 days skiing the North face of the mighty Ben Nevis and staying in the wonderful CIC Hut. A massive tick for all ski tourers.

Price: £295, 1:2 ratio

Dates: 18th/19th April & 25th/26th April


Ropework for Backcountry

Ropework skills for accessing steeper terrain safely and moving on glaciated terrain.

The one day option will be delivered on a short tour when possible, where you will practice rope work for security on steep ground and glacial travel skills. This includes crevasses partner and self rescue, roping up for glaciated terrain and abseil technique.



Avalanche Search and Rescue Training

An Avalanche Safety course is like a First Aid course. It is extremely important information that could save someone's life but you hope you never have to use it...

Understanding the importance of 'Companion Rescue' techniques is absolutely crucial when venturing off-piste. It is your best chance of saving a life.

You may own a transceiver, shovel and probe, but knowing how to use them is essential.

We will train you on how to follow flux lines, conduct a three-stage search and how to use a probe and shovel effectively.